Fix Surabaya


Fix Surabaya

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Surabaya in My Birthday virus, also named Happy Birthday virus, is a dangerous hijacker infection that will take full control of the browsers on the targeted computer. After being infected, the pop up window Happy Birthday will keep displaying while you are browsing the webpages. It will force you to visit some unwanted webpages with full advertisements. This virus does not only hijack the browsers, but also harm the computer by slowing down the Internet speed, taking up CPU usage, changing hosts files and modifying browser setting and desktop setting. If this virus is not removed in time, the infected computer may be unusable.


How dangerous is this infection

It will change the registry entries without your permission.
It may insert malicious code in the infected system.
It prevents you from browsing in the internet.
It may blocks some applications like antivirus program and task manager.
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